One of the best things about doing an escape room is that you are forced to embark on the adventure with other people. You only have 60 minutes to find clues and solve the puzzles or riddles that will help you escape the room. Regardless if you are competitive or not, assembling the perfect escape room team will help you to successfully make it out before time runs out.

Whether you are with friends, family, or coworkers, an escape room requires everyone to work together, but it also requires that each team member contribute and participate in their own individual way. The best team for an escape room will include people with different strengths and talents who are able to work together while thinking differently. Each member of the team will be an important component; however most teams find that there are many personalities involved in figuring out the mystery of an escape room.

The Investigator

The investigator will be your best asset for finding clues. Investigators typically take off the second the timer starts and begins to carefully and creatively search for valuable pieces of the puzzle in any area of the room. The investigator is curious and takes the time to look at things from multiple angles. They also look at things differently at various points of the game allowing them to find the purpose of a clue regardless of when it is discovered.

The Person In Charge

All teams benefit from having a leader or someone who can keep things organized and in control. The person in charge will keep record of the team’s progress, while overseeing the actions and contributions of each team member. The person in charge can delegate tasks, but they can also provide a crucial support. This person also helps to keep the team focused, on track, and moving forward. They also help to communicate important details between team members working on different areas, keeping everyone on the same page.

The Mastermind

The mastermind of the team can also be considered the brain of the operation. They are both critical thinkers and over thinkers that are able to solve puzzles or riddles quickly. They are able to come up with multiple possibilities for any problem, helping the team to find the right answer quicker.

The Captain Obvious

This person is typically not considered an over thinker, they’re more likely thought of an under thinker. Captain obvious of the team is the person who will look at a something and take it for exactly what it looks like. While the mastermind is focused on finding the deeper meaning of a clue, captain obvious will take it as it is. The beauty of an escape room is that at times you need both.

The Encourager

The encourager is often a team member that has never done an escape room or one that lacks the confidence needed to make an attempt at solving the puzzles. They might be afraid to come up with the wrong answer, but they’re not afraid to cheer the team on and encourage everyone to keep going. They will help everyone else feel like an important member of the tem and will celebrate each individual victory.

Las Vegas Escape Room 

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